West Ham 2014/2015 – It is not all about winning, it is about personal happiness!

If the only measure of success was winning then the third season back in the premiership for West Ham was a failure.

Thankfully, success is a measure that can be broken down into smaller achievable goals including:

  • Not being relegated
  • Finishing in the top half of the table
  • Watching West Ham win in person
  • Having fun
  • Beating Spurs

Unfortunately, the later eluded West Ham this season. The home encounter  (a 1-0 defeat) was action packed with 2 red cards (one apiece) and a rare penalty miss from Mark Noble. 

The Spurs game was one of 3 games during the 2014/2015 season I made to West Ham in person. A grand day out with my son which including a boat trip in Regents Park. 

West Ham then went on a fantastic run reaching the dizzy heights of fourth. Unfortunately, the closest I got to Upton Park during this time was watching the highlights on Match of the Day. 

The next game my son and I watched was the New Years Day match against West Brom. A less action packed 1-1 draw but with a great headed goal from top scorer Diafra Sakho. Another great day out which included a trip on the London Emerites Air Line, a cable car ride across the Thames. 

With the season running out the Stoke game looked like it would be a great chance to see West Ham win in person. However, it was a disappointing performance from West Ham with Stoke equalising deep in injury time to make the score 1-1. There was a corker of a free kick by hammer of the year Aaran Cresswell. My son and I had an another great day out including walking down by the Thames and around The Olympic Stadium (soon to be used for West Ham home games).

West Ham finished a promising season struggling to score goals let alone winning games. Was this season a failure? Absolutely not! The fun my son and I had during our trips to Upton Park were as good as it gets.

It is not all about winning – it is about personal happiness!

Come on you Irons!

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How to solve the classic travelling salesman problem?

Easy take a camera, make a film and enjoy the sites! 


I have been travelling to Edinburgh for work related activities for over 15 years. This was my first visit to Edinburgh with SAS (my employers whom I help sell awesome analytical software with). It was also my first trip to Edinburgh since the trams were activated! 

Earlier in the year I was working with a very large bank in Hong Kong (very obvious clues to the bank are in the film). The Star Ferry was awesome. 


If you didn’t spot the bank then try this short film. I even spent my leasure time with the bank. Also I could not miss the opportunity to visit Big Buddha. 


So 18 months with SAS and I have had the pleasure to visit and film two of the greatest cities in the world. A fantastic way to have fun while selling software across the globe.  

Alternatively, the classic operational reasearch optimisation technique can be used. 

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Secret Garden – a 2015 personal project 

I like to make films and I like my filming projects to be simple, fun and interesting. I usually make family oriented films with the occasional local production. How to make films without any real planning and still have fun editing? Then a couple of weeks ago I headed into the garden with my gh4 and slider and made the following short film. 

Secret garden attempt 1

When I started editing I realised I did not have much footage, so I re-edited the footage and spliced the music by half. The music that seemed to fit my footage was a piece called ‘secret garden’. This got me thinking into making more secret garden esque films as a personal project. My second film has more footage and included more cats. I also used classical based music as this seems to fit the mood of a secret garden. 

Secret garden attemp 2

Secret Garden 2
I now plan to continue these secret garden projects through out 2015 and encourage any other hobby based film makers to follow suit.  

What is a secret garden?

It is my garden but all the micro interesting bits rather than any wide shots. Also the interesting wildlife that passes by – including the house cats. 

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Sport and strawberries – effort and reward

This gallery contains 4 photos.

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Fruit?!  I know, I know, you just want to see the sewing but I wish to draw an analogy and so I beg a minute of your time kind ladies and sirs. You see, it occurred…

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A quick colour enhancement with Sony Vegas of a blown out sky

A quick walk to the local river in between the heavy down pours of rain to see a fast running river and dull over cast sky.

A short 45 second film to document the levels of the water – but not the most colourful film I’ve ever made nor long enough to justify a musical montage nor any good audio.

Open up the Neumann Film colour presets in Sony Vegas to see which one gives the best colour dynamics. The Filmic preset gave it a nice warm contrast but the blown out skies went all blocky with heavy banding. Ah, mask out the sky and give it a different colour setting – a quick mask and colour curve to darken the sky gave a nice feel. Clean up the noise with the awesome Neat Video software. All done except to add a TV theme tune of 45 seconds (bewitched) with some bird sound affects and a dog barking sound affect (the dog was quiet in the original footage).

Upload the YouTube and reflect on the fun of video editing. Have a cup of tea and plan the next video adventure.


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Bicester stagecoach production filmed, edited and ready to watch

One of the main reasons for buying multiple video cameras was to film my children perform at the local stage school. This is my latest one man and his cameras event filming with 5 cameras of the Stagecoach Bicester Winter 2013 end of term show.

I set up 4 cameras on tripods (left, right, center and back of stage) with a camera on a mono-pod to take close ups. A Rode stereo microphone connected to a Roland Audio recorder captured the sound.

Edited using Sony Vegas Pro with the amazing Neat Video plug-in (to clean up the noisy footage) with some colour adjustments to normalise the footage (at least a bit).

Fun was had by all (including the man with his cameras).

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2013 – A year of filming inspiration from Philip Bloom to Indy Mogul

I started the year wondering what to film and how to film it. Inspiration was found on the web by the way of Philip Bloom and Indy Mogul.

Philip Bloom an experienced British film maker with “how to” and “what to” tips and lots of interesting short films to be inspired by. I attended a Philip Bloom 1 day workshop who also offered some invaluable help on my Irish Seniors documentary.

Also Indy Mogul a group of enthusiastic film makers headed by the entertaining Griffen Hammond with the informative Russell Hasenauer with their “film news” and open and frank discussion topics. Griffen’s tips on filming a wedding were the best prep I could have had for my first ever wedding film. A sad day when I heard the channel was closing due to its funding being stopped.

In 2013 I made over 80 films including a 5 local productions, 2 wedding photo montages, a wedding, a naming ceremony and a documentary. Filming highlights of the year included:

Thorpe Park fun and adventure
Filming Bicester town development
Water fight with a GoPro
Bliss on the Broads
Oliver montage
Halloween in Warwick Castle
A wedding photo montage
Otmoor – a wonderful open landscape in Oxfordshire

For a list of all my films visit Robby Boyo Films YouTube channel.

I bought the Lumix GH2 at the start of the year and have had amazing fun with it. I still use my Canon 550D for stills and the occasional film usage but the GH2 is easier to use, more fun, lighter and the sharpness of the image is incredible. I am using a camera setting (Driftwood Moon 7) that increases the quality by 6 fold and allows for more options when applying colour enhancements. I also upgraded my PC and installed Sony Vegas Pro 12 which I like very much.

2014 promises to be another year of fun for my hobby:

– watch more inspirational films on YouTube/Vimeo
– a wedding film in July
– film an Oxford local business
– more holiday/family films
– more local productions
– possibly a how to film from me
– buy a 4k camera or a camera that shoots raw
– grow a beard (as all film makers seem to have beards)

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